Pure Basic

Pure Basic


Less is more. Purism is the art of avoiding excess. The design radiates a quiet that gives the soul and player wings.

Pure Basic

The Pure Basic reflects the space it was made for. It is a piano suitable for a modern living environment with sleek walls and contemporary art. The essence of its esthetic is its spacious design that emphasizes two-dimensionality.

Pure Basic
Pure Basic

Pure Noble

The surfaces are finished with high-gloss paint. The characteristic corner details are accented with inlaid, chrome-plated metal strips and give this piano its modern elegance.

Details accentuate the essence of the design. An elegant grip plate makes it easy to open the fallboard.

Finishes: 1. black gloss 2.white gloss

Details: 3. Factus bench. Designed by Peter Maly. Height-adjustable piano bench. Base frame constructed of rectangular steel bars emphasizing straight lines. Glossy or matte chrome finish. Upholstered in black or white leather.
4. The lid on the piano opens to form a winged profile to direct the sound into the room.
5. The elongated grip for opening the fallboard and the chrome-plated feet are examples of the characteristic details of the Pure.


Specifications: chrome-plated fittings; double repetition action; damping pedal; conical, height-adjustable feet. The Pure Noble is available in black and white gloss finishes.

123.5 cm high, 156 cm wide, 59.5 cm deep, Weight: 225 kg